Course Objectives

1. Consolidate and extend the scientific knowledge, skill-base and professional attributes required to underpin the delivery of excellent, evidencee based clinical practice in the field of perioperative medicine.

2. Develop a cohort of graduates who are well equipped to lead the implementation of high quality and safe practice in perioperative medicine into the future.

3. Provide a solid intellectual basis for the development of perioperative medicine as an academic discipline and professional speciality.

4. Support and promote the development of skilled practitioners capable of delivering best-practice perioperative medicine in all clinical contexts including remote and rural clinical practice.

5. Contribute to the evidence-base of knowledge in perioperative medicine by the distillation, implementation or conduct of clinically relevant research.

6. Develop a thorough understanding of the cost benefits of excellent perioperative care.

7. Equip practitioners to analyse, and manage professional components of clinical practice in perioperative care including ethical and moral dilemmas.